All ASA Miami Athletics Canceled Due To Hurricane Dorian Threat

All ASA Miami Athletics Canceled Due To Hurricane Dorian Threat

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August 30, 2019 

HIALEAH, FL – While the South Florida weather provides a veritable year-round paradise, it does come with a grain of salt that is "hurricane season". From the beginning of June to the end of November, Floridians keep a cautious eye out for the swirling storms that have the potential to upheave everything in their path.

According to state and local weather services, Hurricane Dorian – currently a Category 2 storm but projected to get as strong as a category 4 – has been projected to cross through the southern part of Florida beginning Monday and linger as long as Wednesday forcing ASA Miami Athletic Director Kenney Wilcox to announce Friday that all athletic events in the coming days have been canceled and the school will be closed Tuesday (Sept. 2) and Wednesday (Sept. 3).


No Silver Storm athletic programs will participate in games or hold any practices or workouts -- effective immediately.

Wilcox confirmed that ASA Miami's women's soccer road trip and two games in Pensacola, Florida have been canceled; the football team's trip to play Lackawanna College (Pa.) has been canceled and the men's soccer JV home game against Florida National University has been canceled.

This past Wednesday, Wilcox announced that ASA Miami's JV football game scheduled for Sunday, September 1st in Jacksonville had been canceled and rescheduled for September 21st.

"The school's administration's first goal is the safety and well-being our students and student-athletes," Wilcox said. "Canceling all the athletic events was an easy call to make given the severity of the storm. We want to give our students, coaches, faculty, and staff the opportunity to secure their homes and make the necessary arrangements to ensure their safety over the next handful of days."

Students are asked to complete our Campus Departure form if they plan on evacuating